I Sign. I Wander.

Battle of Sign Bilingualism – Part 1.

DISCLAIMER: Everything Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. September 11, 1880. The Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf had finally come to a close, yet everyone was waiting on Voldemort to deliver his closing remarks. What he was to say next would change Deaf education and the Deaf community forever. Voldemort stood tall and proud on the stage with educators looking at him in awe. He cleared his… Continue Reading Battle of Sign Bilingualism – Part 1.

Developing our brain through language

Whilst browsing Facebook this morning, I came across this poster:   I frowned. I did not know how I truly felt about this. As you are aware that I have nothing against cochlear implants. I’ve always seen them as powerful hearing aids. Like the poster said, they will allow the implantee to whisper secrets with their friends, enjoy music and listen to their teachers. However, deeming the cochlear implant as… Continue Reading Developing our brain through language

Melbourne: Lessons in love

It has been a year since I left Sydney to begin a new chapter in Melbourne. In a year, I have learnt so much about myself and the world around me. However, one lesson that stood out the most is about love. Love is an incredibly powerful emotion and should be experienced on all levels. Since moving here, I’ve fallen in love with myself and it is incredible. I’ve become… Continue Reading Melbourne: Lessons in love

Hearing aids, cochlear implants…and prawns?

For the last month, Victorian Hearing ran a rather distasteful advertising campaign for invisible hearing aids. They had the audacity to label hearing aids as ugly and compare them to prawns. You’re probably thinking “what the heck?!”. Your thoughts would resonate with 100+ people in Victoria – that includes deaf and hard of hearing people, parents of deaf/HoH children, people who work with deaf/HoH, members of the Deaf community and so many… Continue Reading Hearing aids, cochlear implants…and prawns?

The Roaring Twenties: A Reflection.

In less than 2 months time, I will have stepped outside the roaring twenties and embraced the thriving thirties. The question here is…what does it really mean to be a twenty-something? For me, at least. I’ll be honest with you here. My twenties felt like I was sitting in a mess hall and moving to different tables as I progressed through life, either getting involved or dodging food fights as… Continue Reading The Roaring Twenties: A Reflection.

Gift of Language

The other day TODAY ran a short segment about “Gift of Hearing”, which shows a family with two deaf boys who have received cochlear implants and are going through speech therapy. The clip can be viewed here – it’s not captioned, but you can get the gist of what it is all about. I don’t have any qualms about parents choosing to give their deaf child cochlear implants and speech therapy.… Continue Reading Gift of Language

Mama is 50!

9th May 1965. It was a gorgeous May day in Penang, Malaysia. A beautiful little girl was welcomed into the world. It’s been 50 years since Mama came into this world, and she’s certainly had an interesting life. I have decided to dedicate this post to Mama. She was the one who encouraged me to start a blog, and she supported the idea of I Sign. I Wander. She bought… Continue Reading Mama is 50!

Posses and University

It wasn’t anything like that Christmas performance The Plastics put on for their school’s talent concert, mind you. But we were a lot more awesome! 😉 Since I started university, I’ve always had a posse. Me and my group of Auslan interpreters. I’ve had a posse since Day 1…starting at the University of Southern Queensland. How they managed to find 3 interpreters (albeit one not accredited by NAATI – now that’s… Continue Reading Posses and University

Deaf people and the community.

In the early 1990s, my family settled in a small town in Central Queensland, called Springsure. It had a population of approximately 900 people. Springsure was chosen as a place to settle after 2-3 years of travelling throughout the Outback because I was due to start school. We got into Springsure in late 1989, and I was enrolled at Springsure State School to start preschool in the new year. Being 4… Continue Reading Deaf people and the community.

Future of Deaf academia and research in Australia

During the closing remarks of last year’s 4th Deaf Studies and Research Symposium, Dr. Breda Carty commented about how there was not enough support for Deaf researchers in the Oceania region. She also mentioned that we need more Deaf researchers, especially in Australia and New Zealand. At that very moment, I knew I had chosen the right path to becoming a Deaf researcher. I was sitting next to my friend, Josh… Continue Reading Future of Deaf academia and research in Australia