…and a new chapter is being written.


As of Saturday 28th June 2014, I become a Melbourne resident.

Funny that, a decade ago I was saying that I would never live in Melbourne…and now, here I am. I feel like a right hypocrite 😉

As the plane descended into Melbourne, I was taken away by this gorgeous sight of the city from the air.

This made me a little more nervous, and my mind was saying “Turn this plane around! We have to go back to Sydney!”

No. I can do this. I can embrace Melbourne.

It’s a huge change…and a huge step outside of my comfort zone, that’s for sure.

Sydney will always be in my heart, and thankfully, the flights are cheap so I can visit as often as I want to. And lucky for me, most of my friends in Sydney visit Melbourne few times every year – it’ll probably feel like I never moved away.

I’ve only been here for barely 48 hours, and I’m feeling a lot more fresh and happier. This time, I don’t feel like I’m only visiting…it’s like I’m meant to be here. For the first time in ages, I feel right at home.

I’m actually looking forward to discovering what Melbourne has on offer, and relishing any opportunities that comes my way.

I’ve got two weeks to settle into my new home before I start Master of Communication at Deakin University.

Bring it on, Melbourne and show me what you’re made of!

Peace out,

S xo

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